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moonlune wrote

"woop woop"

I try to not use it and say the right words but instead "woop woop" comes out all the time recently:

  • when I'm happy
  • when I want to congratulate someone
  • ironically when someone does something shitty in from of me
  • when I want somebody to move out of my way

ikk wrote (edited )

you're a juggalo? [CW: juggalos]


asterism OP wrote

I'm always getting Juggalos and Gigolos mixed up.

Makes things very confusing


moonlune wrote (edited )

oh shit that's exactly how I use it wtf I guess I've found my family

woop woop


ikk wrote

i'm hoping to see some anarchist juggalo memes on here

i also only heard of juggalos because i was using woop woop myself lol


Archaplain wrote

its an unintentional one but its def the one i will be remembered by

"i forgot"


asterism OP wrote

Is there a story to this one? Or is the story just that you are super forgetful?


ikk wrote

Not proud of these, quite bland, but just purely functionally useful ones for me:

  • "Hi friend." (when threatened)
  • "Do you feel heard?" (to resolve conflict)
  • "No thanks, I don't eat anyone." (when offered body parts)
  • "Not to put anyone on the spot, but I'd just like to open the space to hear from others in the room, as not everyone has had a chance to say much, and maybe if those don't have anything to say, we can just have a bit of silence, please?" (at meetings)
  • "I hear that it's really important for you that this wall remains unpainted and that you'd like to request that I stop painting, however in this case I am not going to follow that request." (when painting)

ruinsociety wrote



asterism OP wrote

That reminds me of a band I haven't listened to in a long time.

Surfer Blood have a pair of songs called "slow jabroni" and "fast jabroni"


A_Fool wrote (edited )

"With gusto!"

Used whenever someone asks how to do something, or how something was done.


asterism OP wrote

I don't know If it counts because it ain't words. But when I don't know how to respond to people I often do a specific laugh. I have been told this laugh sounds like the Count from Sesame Street


asterism OP wrote

Usually this in the context of people trying to exchange banter with me. I ain't good at it so I mostly just laugh.