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asterism OP wrote (edited )

When people lose them selves in laughter especially if they squeak or snort.

People singing to themselves.

One time someone noticed that no one heard me say something so she waited for a pause in the conversation and said, "hey I think asterism was trying to say something". A separate time this person laughed at a joke I made that no one heard me make and similarly told the group, "hey you should hear this joke asterism made". I only know one person to ever do that but whew.

When people encourage others to be confident.

When someone has mastered a skill.

The smell of bread


ukuleleclass wrote

these r cute as hell :) i’ve always wished i was charismatic enough to build confidence in folks.. i’m sure i can sometimes but man some people are just so easy to talk to and funny. baby steps i guess.


asterism OP wrote

Yeah. I struggle with it too. I honestly wish I could compliment people more often as well but I am overly paranoid about it being misconstrued.