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lettuceLeafer wrote

It depends on your countries recycling program tbh. In the US for instance plastic recycling often is worse than throwing it away bc some recycling programs just dump the plastic in southern asia.

If done individually recycling can be very effective. Plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper all can be recycled in various ways or just turned into energy.

Plastic is quite difficult but with a bit of effort an individual can turn it into crude oil or if you don't mind the hazardous air pollution burn it and turn it into energy. Melting down aluminum and recasting it is actually the most basic and into into casting and metallurgy. And cardboard and paper depending on what kind can be reinvigorated into the soil or again used to power steam engines.

But its hard to make a sweeping statement about individual countries effectiveness. you would have to research each one specifically. But I don't recycle unless I'm doing it myself.


moonlune wrote

Paper and plastic recycling isn't infinite, there can be only a few cycles before it being incinerated. Glass and metal recycling can pretty much go on forever.

zerowaste >>>> recycling.


Fool wrote

I guess it depends on the definition of good.

There's a group in town that takes plastic lids (which are too small for the local recycling centre), and then recycles them into 3d printed prosthetics.


Mindcircus wrote (edited )

In America it was originally used as a cop out by companies who wanted to shift the blame to the consumers for pollution. It was never designed to work at a large scale.