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I’ve been thinking about how TikTok has an entire generation of addicted dopamine-deficient children that have no aspirations beyond fame from doing short dances, the conspiracy is that this is a strategic move by China to weaken the West especially as the generation comes of age.

I used to enjoy flat earth cuz of how upset it makes normies, but learned it’s problematic for reasons outside of science (I don’t remember why tho) so I dont enjoy it anymore.



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roanoke9 wrote

My favorite ones are the true ones like Tuskegee experiment. The proliferation of nonsense theories bury my favorites and made me look crazy when I mentioned them. I used to entertain reptilian theorists by making it a metaphor for corporations. Then I learned that lizard people is a right wing dog whistle for Jewish people. Now I don't engage with them at all unless we are literally discussing fictional story ideas and then they have to be original, not something someone heard. I tried to inform a lib once that lizard people was an antisemitic dog whistle. They thought I was crazy to think dog whistles exist. Smh


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Gunpei Yokoi got whacked by his old boss! He fucked with Nintendo. Yamauchi used his yakuza connections to fuck back.


ukuleleclass wrote

all i’m saying is there’s a lot more to tik tok than dancing :) i see tik toks of punk shows under bridges, people making art and music, guerrilla gardening, etc.


Fool wrote

Most of the far right stuff would be hilarious if there wasn't the terrible motives behind it.

Most of it is sort of self-reinforcing via Astral Projection / Lucid Dreams / etc. which sort of goes in on the whole reality is created by belief. If you believe in something then your unconscious will interpret events in ways that reinforce the belief. Then people can plant their interpretation on top of it, which will be subconsciously reinforced. It then doesn't matter if it's true or not, because one will still act accordingly to that being reality.

Well that's my theory anyway.


monday wrote (edited )

That the CERN is resetting timelines at every iteration, and they say Mandella Effect is the quantum evidence of it, but some stuff is just bogus, like a South America map I saw and they said it's how used to be. No, actually you just don't know geography enough..

Flat Earth was funny when I saw one YouTuber that had the most farflung theories like the "thousand ponds" where the flat earth was a pond surrounded by ice ( the ice wall). So actually the Illuminati used rockets to travel to another ponds and aliens were actually inhabitants of those other flat Earth's. Anime plot type of shit.



i like these two:

Red hair comes from Atlantis.

Christiania is an example of controlled opposition. The state of Denmark let the hippies take the former military base in 1971, because they didn't want a May '68 situation happening.


mindforgedmanacles wrote (edited )

Hollow Earth, I really want there to be living plesiosaurs and mammoths deep underground. Spare me the Nazi shit with Nordic aliens or whatever though

also bagel earth, instead of flat earth


belisarius9 wrote

I firmly believe the Dead Internet Theory is true, because the alternative, that everyone you see on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, whatever, are all real, would be absolutely crippling to mental health.