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monday wrote (edited )

That the CERN is resetting timelines at every iteration, and they say Mandella Effect is the quantum evidence of it, but some stuff is just bogus, like a South America map I saw and they said it's how used to be. No, actually you just don't know geography enough..

Flat Earth was funny when I saw one YouTuber that had the most farflung theories like the "thousand ponds" where the flat earth was a pond surrounded by ice ( the ice wall). So actually the Illuminati used rockets to travel to another ponds and aliens were actually inhabitants of those other flat Earth's. Anime plot type of shit.


idkalice wrote

i feel like the mandela effect can be mostly explained by people not knowing their shit and mixing stuff up but idk much


moonlune wrote

It's funny because south American and Africa are in fact moving appart, at the speed of 1 inch a year.