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It's kinda weird having their own story been rated as 4.9. But the biggest problem is that I will never ever want someone to know I wrote those kind of stories, you know? So all I wanted to ask is how others handle this kind of thing. Also I feel like if it ever gets connected to me people will use it to undermine my anarchist theory texts without engaging in them. ("How could you ever write about bondage?!") and that kind of stuff.



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lettuceLeafer wrote

Tbh if someone won't engage in aa anarchist text bc u wrote about bondage they weren't going to seriously engage with ur writing to begin with.


zoom_zip wrote

i thought about it because i thought i could make some money doing it, but i never got around to it and now apparently so many people are doing it it’s kinda impossible to make any money


fortifiedmischief wrote

I have -- it's jokes lol. I grew up on Literotica and when writing your own it's so easy to fall into the standard (nauseatingly bad) style you so often find there.


calamada wrote (edited )

Also I feel like if it ever gets connected to me people will use it to undermine my anarchist theory texts without engaging in them.

I've read something about comic/furry artists creating whole different online persona to publish their NSFW content, for similar reasons you describe.


rot wrote

im not very good at writing so no.


roanoke9 wrote

A lot. Have not published any, mostly due to time management and prioritizing other projects. I like writing them but editting is a chore and I cannot trust anyone else to do it for me. You protect your identity with psuedonyms and the usual precautions. I feel like it's a personal choice and calculated risk. Will I get killed for my political views, demonized for my fiction or just have a heart attack because I fail to quit smoking? Idk. Life is risk. Don't let the very strong probability of being misunderstood prevent you from doing what you feel you need to do. Also, as far as anything I write or create, I don't care about long term credit, just that it would have a good effect. I've actually had those same reservations that you cited in the past, but if powerful forces want to discredit you, it matters little what you have done or said, they'll just make something up. There is a weird kind of freedom in that.


Armageddons_Engineer wrote

The writer, singer, director, etc, etc known as Michael Dean used to have a fairly well known kink podcast for a number of years. Called "Submission and Coffee" where he and the wife would do their thing, talk about random stuff, etc. They used pseudonyms of course, so as not to shock the normies in daily life.

He's also written a number books under Wiley Publishing and some other places.

Did a film called "Gun and Weed the Road to Freedom" which was a combo of stuff that was kinda libertarian/anarchist. It was also kind of a musical in the style of Schoolhouse Rock. :D You can see it on youtube if so inclined. lol!

And also in the past, he did some anarchist podcasts that also got radio play on some indy stations. Freedom Feens, Anarchy Gumbo Podcast, various others. A few out there on various platforms still.

Now, your problem is, I'm suspecting you're talking LEFT anarchism, the usual Black and Reds who start spouting recycled Trotsky nonsense as if cycles of endless purges for 300 years are going to somehow "liberate" every sexual, racial, economic disenfranchised and oppressed person out there.

Uh, no.. Liberation comes from your mind, first and foremost. Malcolm X at least got that shit right. You free the minds of your fellows like you, get your own little community put right, and then expand from there. If people don't wanna buy in, let them go their way, maybe ultimately their way will be better than yours.

As to your own sexual kinks, ultimately those are your business, and not for public scrutiny. Too many generations raised on Jerry Springer bullshit got that into their heads wrongly. Kink varies, as much as religion/spirituality, personal philosophy, emotions, the whole deal.

Every self respecting anarchist should know of this gem.. It's actually fairly reasonable given that de Sade was not trying to be over the top shocking, and instead reasonably explain things. Anton LeVey ripped off a lot of stuff from that guy as well.

But, if you're one of those "moralizing anarchists", OMFG... You need to listen to some Bad Quaker...

Beyond a very limited scope of things, your personal life, kinks, morality, or lack thereof, should not really be getting involved in the sort of politics you preach. At least not for anarchism. For left "ultra-woke" statism, sure, that's the fucking norm now. These idiots will lose their shit over "power dynamics" when a couple has an age spread of more than a dozen years. lol!

I mean, ok, in theory... If your girlfriends is a 45 year old heiress to the fucking DuPont fortune, and you're the 20 something pool boy. But most of the time no... It's some college kid studying engineering hooking up with a 45 year old woman working in HR for a cable company who just sort of connect for some damned reason, and hit it off. No power dynamics, nothing weird. Except maybe she's buying a little more often when going to the movie, or out for some new kitschy restaurant.

Honestly, if its the new Thai or Indian place, and I don't know half of the shit not quite on the menu, and I never saw a bill change hands... Probably she knew the owner. But I don't speak Hindi, I don't speak Thai, and I just barely understood the weird new age kinda Hindu/Buddhist/spiritualist stuff those in her group were into..

And power dynamics have different niches. If I had some weird bureaucratic issue I needed to sort out, I knew who to talk to. :D If her rose bushes were dying, and she didn't know you could take the ashes from routine bonfires, put it on the roses and revive them.. Couldn't disassemble a large tree about to die and fall on her house. Couldn't deal with the poison ivy taking over her back yard. Couldn't deal with the fair sized nest of ground bees infesting by the side of her house. And had never heard of about 20 different ways to get rid of the moles in her yard...

I found it hard to believe someone that age had never heard of half the shit I knew before I was in my teens, but, oh well.

As for bondage, most people just don't know what people do. If people are re-enacting 12 years a slave in the bedroom, or getting into the whole dressing up like nazis thing.. I mean, that's probably what really fucking pulls the trigger for them. Of course, that's fantasy, and in no way reflects what they're doing in real life. No more than Cosplay has anything to do with what most people do who go to those things. Probably more computer programmers and medical company bureaucrats into that stuff than people who design and pilot actual killer robots Gundam Style. lol! But if you look at the amount of Gundam characters, you'd never know it. Not a lot of people dressing up as the console jockeys in anime. ;p