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Lost my biggest patreon today so I want to write something that would appeal to your basic baby anarcho-demsoc - the breadtube crowd that hand her that cool 1500 a month.

So what's the breadtube template? So far I've figured out

  1. Fetishize dead white men especially bearded dead white men

  2. Fetishize wars that socialists were in especially if they wore little hats

  3. Fetishize democracy

What else?



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Potkea wrote

  1. Fetishize Bookchin

  2. Complain about lifestyle anarchists / individualists

Tbf Zoe doesn't do no 5

Potkea wrote

Sorry abt your Patreon btw. Hope it gets better.


ChaosAnarchy wrote (edited )

Standard YouTube:

Clickbait Title (Was Malatasta Really For Democracy?!?! / Why Did Malatasta Change His Sight On Democracy?!?!) a few other ideas: "Why Are Some Anarchist Advocating For Democracy?", "Is Anarchism Super Liberalism?!"

Clickbait Preview / Spicy sentence in the first few seconds (probably works more on voice calls kind of videos)

Safe play:

  • Combine American values with Anarchism

  • Combine American history with Anarchism

  • Only mention popular Anarchists (David Graeber, "Chomsky", "Hasanabi/Vaush")

Risk play:

  • Always react on the videos of leftist youtubers and try to earn money that way by getting into drama (Hasanabi, Vaush, "Haz",)

Also forgot to mention that some people might withdraw from your patreon simply because they need it themselves because of inflation. Idk if your patreon has small money rates ($1, $2) which would make it likelier to subscribe to.


lettuceLeafer wrote

If u only wanna make like 20k a year off YouTube u don't have to do that. U just have to be good at business and marketing. If u wanna make several 100k a year yes I'll have to be a lib.

I mean take bad empanada he makes as much as zoe and his channel is a channel catering to westerners by complaining about immperialis and telling his viewers they r colonizers and that veganism is correct.

The product itself matters far less than the business behind the product at the level u seek. So idk do what u would like and zoom out some on how to do YouTube.


kinshavo wrote

Sorry to hear about it...

If you are serious about it maybe try to change your focus to videogame content on a different channel/streaming - sure is something you may like to do and easier I guess. And be sure to don't like ziq to it for security reasons.


moonlune wrote

Anarchism x video games cross over could be a niche.


ChaosAnarchy wrote

I have a video idea in mind but I'm lacking a good computer. Thought I would get one today but unfortunately not. Might have to wait for a year to save up one myself if I'm getting unlucky.