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lettuceLeafer wrote

I don't think leftists fear you green anarchists. They just see u as an energy to suppress with their community defense forces.


cicada wrote

because in the battle of the weed versus the concrete. the weed always wins


Fool wrote

There is a well known saying in the developed world.

It's not easy being green.

  • Kermit the frog

With this knowledge, they choose the easy way instead. They fear those that face the difficulties of being green.



stagn2 wrote

Because they love their car madly. And I want to see those shitty cars on fire.


bloodrose wrote

I have a leftist friend from high school. He posted on facebook some stuff about crypto a while back. When I pointed out how bad crypto is for the environment, he lost his shit. Queue big rant about "renewable energy" and some name-calling. I think they honestly can't handle the idea that things they do are not perfect. Whereas I think green anarchists tend to know all the ways they suck for the planet and live with the cognitive dissonance.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

I think a lot of leftists and progressives in the US are raised with all kinds of notions of “progress” including scientific and technological progress. Often from watching too much science fiction without any critical thought. Thus you get all kinds of silly memes about “post-scarcity luxury communism” etc.

When you try to question that entire conception of the world, they inevitably flail and react with hostility.

I’ve also found that some people, white men especially, tend to fall down these techbro rabbit holes (crypto is one of the worst offenders in my experience), which often makes everything way worse.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I am not sure I would use the word 'fear', but here goes:

It has a lot to do with the experts (and frameworks) we choose. Most people can't learn everything there is to know as relevant to the political world, so in our learning process we pick experts who we understand to be at the pinnacle of knowledge on the topic, learn from them, and try to pick up on their frameworks.

At least two mistakes often get made from there:

1 - people don't assume that the framework (that the expert and others are using) is most likely one of infinite ones, and can often spend their whole lives then boxed in on one, assuming it is all there is, occassionally tacking-on additional ones as they are forced to by the social world. Like how you can study marxism endlessly without ever thinking about intersectionality or ecocide, assuming through your framework that the framework resolves the core issue and that nothing else needs to be explored. This is what leftists do with greens, and what many do with many other ways of understanding.

2 - Once people adopt the view handed to them by the expert, they feel they now also more-or-less understand what is to be known about the topic, and allow themselves to be self-righteous about that. I think that when you challenge that self-righteousness with something unanswerable from the framework the expert provided, it provokes the thing that I'm guessing you're calling fear here.

I've got more to say about what I think that means for anarchists but I'll stop here for now.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

I don’t comment much on here these days but I wanted to mention I always appreciate your insights.

Also your second point definitely resonates with me as far as face-to-face interactions go. I’ve found that when you pull the ideological rug from under someone’s feet and genuinely challenge the framework through which they understand the world, lashing out is the most common immediate reaction.

They might change their minds later of course, but they’re going to be shitty in the moment.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

I'm not very open about being anarchist, so leftists, or other people in my life in general, do not fear me in that particular sense. I think they do in general, though; they just don't show it because they convince themselves they most certainly didn't just hear what I said, and if they did they misinterpreted. Certain people will hear what is a criticism of their ideals, and seem to hear only the words "person" and "this". Then I might try to set their interpretation right, and after that the subject is surely avoided. I think such people are afraid of even hearing me. That isn't the only response; others give a fiery refusal based on some prejudice or another, and cling tight to it. What scares them is realising how many cracks there are in the hastily cobbled-together excuses they take as ideology.


rot wrote

when i say im against global supply chains and factories churning out commodities and cities that consume endless amounts of resources leftists always thing im going to take away their medical supplies.

literally the only argument ive gotten is what about insulin? what about _ i need _ you are a fascist for being against _.