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Bezotcovschina wrote

Utopia thinking. They want to get their futuristic automatized space communism, where everything will be so easy, so comfortable. And green anarchists tell them they won't get it.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

I'm sure you already have it, but the leftist project is about forcing other people to live like they want. I'm convinced they project their colonial ambitions onto anti-civ anarchists. Which is why they're incapable of seeing it is a critical framework and not a political project.


Fool wrote

While there is some questionable details in the article, I read this article by a leftist recently

Which in turn lead me to

I feel like I've seen this posted before, but it was the first I've read it.

The first article basically points to Liberals in Antifa gaining too much influence in American Anarchism.

The second article points to Post-left bad, because fascists pretend to be like them. It's basically got all the talking points used on Reddit, all wrapped up in a single essay.


kinshavo wrote (edited )

Well, just to stir a little.

I got some social media feed about some fascist dudes who glorify body workouts, raw meat eating and cultural traditionalism (evola).

I guess that leftists that cry ecofash for anything who rejects social anarchism and have a green tone to it is because this movement I said about is very prominent in social media/internet and many of these leftists are zoomers or from a background where they never got good references about green anarchism and anti-civilization philosophy. And sure there is the smear campaign from certain influencers

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