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Majrelende wrote

Self-sufficiency is starting to fall into place better, because I am starting to intuitively understand the ecology of the landscape and make decisions about harvesting/not-harvesting that increase diversity and abundance, and the cycles of life and death, and which plants and plant varieties are best suited to the garden and landscape. (Unsurprisingly, I find that ancient native varieties, and naturalised wild plants and cultivated relatives, are the most vital.) It is a demanding process, and does not seem to show any signs of becoming less so.

I am beginning to involve myself in village projects like seed sharing, where I hope to be able to contribute, and to gain better connections and create resilience through the ecological difficulties in the coming years. I feel that feeding (and clothing) ourselves, directly, is the easiest direction for me, but I also realise that it is all extremely fragile without the anarchy of the mind.