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About to make a deal with a vendor in the same country as me, but we are making the deal privately without pgp.

This vendor is named ozlottos

Can I trust?????



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lettuceLeafer wrote

U shouldn't trust good thing there are lots of safe and trustworthy escrow agents on raddle. Just send the money to me the escrow agent then I will send to ur dealer. U can trust


chobiz97 OP wrote

I have escrow, You are an escrow agent ??? I've never completed a transaction through escrow before. But it will work if I don't make the deal on a marketplace using escrow right ??


lettuceLeafer wrote

just DM me ur BTC wallet key and I'll handle everything. no need 2 worry


ikk wrote

if you mail the bitcoins to lettuce, they'll funge your ape jpegs. i can verify.


emma wrote

You should be asking about matters like these on Ligma.