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Majrelende wrote (edited )

Any one that can ripen in my garden without transplanting. I still have hope.

Root vegetable soups with chili pepper are wonderful.


bloodrose wrote

I have to pick one????

I like New Mexican Green Chilis and I like them in the New Mexican styled Green Chili Sauce.

But I also like Scotch Bonnet peppers and I like it in run-down (usually done with fish but you can do it with anything - it's coconut milk + Scotch Bonnet pepper + oregano).


tuesday wrote

not child rapist Anthony Kiedis.


zoom_zip wrote

had to look this up and the dude fuckin bragged about it in his own book


kinshavo wrote

Rockstars are the worse, it's a recurring theme statutory rape of groupies...


asterism wrote

I ain't a pepper master but I dig anaheim peppers


belisarius9 wrote

Flea might not be my favorite bassist, but he's definitely my favorite chili pepper.