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ChaosAnarchy wrote

I think it depends on whether big subreddit moderators especially call for your ban evasion.

My record was like 8 over the years. Then I changed my browser settings (so it's the most privacy friendly possible, like always HTTPS setting on, etc.) and since then I've been not banned automatically.


veuzi OP wrote (edited )

It hasn't been an automatic ban, but the mods have been pretty quick to act. I made the last account this morning and it got suspended 2 hours ago. (I did use a variation of the same username as the last account tho). The subreddit I'm targeting has about 200k subscribers and 15 moderators.


ChaosAnarchy wrote

well there might be an auto ban in place already idk

mine is usually already 'listed' for the spam filter and then a few hours later it gets banned if I remember right.


veuzi OP wrote

I don't think there's an auto-ban, I was probably just sloppy with the usernames while being way too provocative with the takes. Maybe I'll just give it a week, I need some more spicy news to go by either way.