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Hello, I'm a humanitarian worker. I know it seems like odd business, but I want to help people. I don't know where I should go, though, because I just helped my city finish something big for the homeless and my work is done (also i must get away from my family). Is there anywhere, any place in the world, that people think I should go to? I have basic battle and medical skills, and I can help people get on their feet. I'm only here because places like this on the internet are the voice of the true people. So any suggestions? Thank you so much in advance.



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moonlune wrote (edited )

How long do you plan to stay in the place where you'll go? Is it a summer vacation thing, six months thing, or are you ready to invest years of your life?

Do you want to start something "from scratch" or join an ongoing fight?

What are the most important subjects according to you? There are so many improper things happening in the world right now that activists get to pick and choose their "favorite" combat (and location).


NothingInParticular OP wrote

Honestly I can spend the rest of my life anywhere. I could be dumped in the arctic and I'd accept where I am and move on. I can get a visa, I pick up languages alright, and I could continue my work. And everything is important. Whoever needs people like me the most. I was thinking about joining a group that helps venezuelan people, but I wanted to be open to other ideas. This isn't a game to me, don't worry.