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chaos wrote

I'm an anarchist, of course I'm on a list.


AnarchoJustice wrote

At this point, if I'm not on their lists, it's just insulting. "Oh, I'm sorry, was I not enough of a threat to you. How about now /grin?"


SpiritOfTito wrote

Anyone that went to the Linux journal site is on a list.

Everyone here is on a list and profiled by about 20 countries at least


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Would be nice if somebody could link to some article explaining why you think this.

Also, distinguishing the kind of lists that affect you on the day-to-day, for example, if you would have trouble flying somewhere, or just a list that separates you barely from the rest of the population but doesn't affect your life much beyond that, seems worthwhile to think about.

PS, u/Elon_Satoshi, why do you ask?


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

Anyone that visited the Linux journal ended up on a list.

Anyone googling pgp ended up on american list.

From snowdon revelations.

The british have infiltrated badger culling groups and green activist groups. Secret police had relationships and children with the activists then disappeared leading activists to say they felt like they were raped by the state.

Thats badger culling groups. If you're in America or europe on this site you're already on a list.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

If you're in America or europe on this site you're already on a list.

Even if you've been using Tor?

I can't tell, but it seems that these lists are mostly inconsequential?


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

Googling tor will put you on it let alone tor useage (though definitely use it).

In the US being on the no fly list mwans you get harrassed at the airport everytime

Inconsequential while they limit it to basically harrassment.

If you start organising in real life - as shown by the secret police in the UK they'd happily infiltrate your org, be in a relationship with you for five years, father your children then disappear.


GrimWillow wrote

Felt like they were raped by the state? More like they definitely were raped by someone paid to do it. Literally hiring professional rapists to target activists.


Garbo wrote (edited )

Lets theoretically say that your friend linked you a PDF of the Anarchist Cookbook and you clicked it (by mistake). What are the odds you are on a list?


Aleksandr wrote

Brb, starting a list of people who aren't on a list. Equality Now!


zorblax wrote

Definitely, but whether or not my various identities are actually tied together in some way remains to be seen.