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So should I add that stuff. Idk maybe some people might like it tho I also arent a big fan of making raddle a space to talk about performing ecocide and animal abuse lol. I'll just write it for myself unless some people say they would wanna engage in a way other than telling me how fucked up what U do obviously is. Also ziq being cool with it would be important too. Otherwise I'll just keep it to myself.

Tho someone talking about running 290 horsepower tractors might illicit some unique discussions lol



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subrosa wrote

You could join the neighborhood of narcissism uniques, find some space between f/flowering, f/Drey, f/celebratedrecluse and the like. That way you can decide whether you wanna address (and bother with) raddle as a whole or only the guests who invite themselves to your party.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

It's not that, more I'm not going to do an unadhamedcharacter assasination of myself if no one if going to engage with it in an interesting way and people are going to possibly distressed or just complain. The whole subforums isnt something I'm interested in. Tbh I treat the raddle front page like my own personal blog anyway.


MHC wrote

I knew a rancher green party member.