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So i think that movements like social democracy are like medication for capitalism, which can treat the consecuences of the system, like making better wages for workers or fixing public schools and so on, and revolutionary movements like anarchism are like the vaccine for capitalism, it takes time, effort, trial and error to develop, but it fixes the problem of capitalism from the roots, that means, getting rid of the entire system which is the source of all of the consecuences that social democracy tries to fix, but i think that social democrats help pave the way towards a better future for workers under capitalism, i mean if you make the comparison, if an alt-right person gets the power, he's gonna benefit rich people and that's it basically, just look at trump for example, but if a social democrat gets the power, then that person it's expected to try to help the working class in ways that aren't necessarily against capitalism, and i want to make a statement here, i'm still learning how anarchism, communism, socialism and capitalism work, so if got something wrong or am i saying something stupid then pls correct me :), with that said, i think that the way towards anarchism it's a slow but surely way, for example, next elections a social democrat is elected, thus people start liking them so they keep voting for them, eventually after years of social democrats on the power people are gonna want drastic changes, that's when socialists will have a great chance at having the power, then socialists are gonna pave the way towards communism, and that's when we have to be careful, because if the communists are still thinking that the russian revolution was flawless then we are fucked, we must be ready if that moments comes, and say that we don't want totalitarism, and make sure that the people are with us, i also want to say that although i would love to see and hopefully be part of a revolution right now, but we must learn from the russian revolution and it's big mistakes, for example, we must avoid making the revolution just a way to get political power and also the fact that the russian revolutions was done not because the people wanted it, but because Lenin and Trotzky were smart enough to force the "revolution" to happen, but if you don't have the people's backup in a revolution then you have two options: 1) give up and say "ok we understand that the people, the workers don't want to make a revolution right now, so we will wait until they want to", or 2) force the workers to be part of the revolution by making an authoritarian government so that you have a forced people's backup, and Lenin choose option number 2 as we know and it didn't work, i want to end this looooooong post by saying that i think that the revolution is not instant, but a slow process that takes years to be made, so here comes the question, am i thinking this right or am i being dumb?, pls don't insult me (^‿^)



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ziq wrote

Voting is as useful a superstition as any other so if you're the throw salt over your shoulder, knock on wood type, you may as well vote for a better world.


NoPotatoes wrote (edited )

Just create a website called <yourname> and espouse your agenda. Threaten to run against the career politicians. Fire up their base and draw out the primaries. Make them spend their war chest against you.


subrosa wrote

I think I'm going to vote for a conservative party. I like making enemies.


kinshavo wrote

Vote is a gateway drug for even worst political practices.

And depends on which country we are talking, here SocDem in USA has nothing to do with Democratic Party, and in many places SocDem is just a centrist neoliberal political force.