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subrosa wrote


A comment or two of yours balanced the shit I was getting from Marxists, elsewhere. Just a little support or gesture of appreciation here and there can make all the difference.

Writing with u/ziq could be real interesting, I feel there's potential to balance each other out without softening any punches. I'm up for a lengthy back-and-forth, to see if we can put together something acidic for all the comfortably based anarchists. Some time.


ziq wrote

Any topic ideas? There's always that police essay i could never finish. The value of chaos, george carlin: the greatest anarchist of his time, death and its consequences (there's a great carlin quote about bulldozing the graveyards to build homes for the homeless), marriage, land and identity, collapse


subrosa wrote

My ideas on identity are shaping up to something, and that oughta get spicy for sure. On chaos our differences could produce a 'creative' tension.

I have some notes and drafts somewhere that could be places to start. But idk, I'll let it sit for a bit and get back to you. Spent enough time in my head for today, I need to get out.


fortmis wrote

unsolicited peanut gallery opinions: i like...
value of chaos,
identity (perhaps a broader take that involves "land and identity" but not limited to it),
george carlin (and other sneaky/not sneaky anarchist comedians in the public sphere?),
also a further exploration of desires replacing rights (cause I liked what you both were saying about that already)