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Fool wrote

Hmm, sounds like intersectionality...


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Styx wrote (edited )

OH NO! Look, it's SureShot who just a week ago was policing how black women reflect upon their oppression and now, so bravely -- so valiantly -- stands up for black men! How curious!!

And you know what's even more curious? Out of literal gazillions of documented cases of black men (or really any non-white/non-wealthy men) being killed on the spot just because a white woman batted her eyelashes in their direction, you chose the extremely rare case of a white woman being punished for her racism by losing not just her job but even her fucking dog!

Do us a favour, SureShot, and please take your bigotry somewhere else. It's really pungent!


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Styx wrote

Okay, I'm not particularly sure why I brought it up. But one way or another, I find the idea of all men in general ruling the world and having all the privileges to be very odd.

Of course, you do. You are a misogynist.