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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

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how am I going to fullfill my dream of being a Rich asshole who is the patron of anarcho nihilists if I act anyother way? Where I just fund anarchists to be agents of chaos ala saudi arabian oil billionaires funding ISIS. I turn the city I live into fucking chaos bc I just fund like 10 insurrectionists to fuck shit up for my own amusement full time.

You don't need to comfort me in my plans bc mine sound way cooler lol

edit: to clarify I'm not purposefully trying to do this it just sounds funny af.


tuesday wrote (edited )

application to be lettuce's anarcho-sugarbabby

dear sirs and madams and madmans
give me money so i can do an anarchy. xoxo

ps. don't @ me leave me alone just send money


[deleted] wrote (edited )