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__0 wrote

I always find whenever I get extra money I do things with it that radically change how I live my life, example: years ago I got some inheritance from an aunt passing away, I had a friend who was stuck in a rut Living in a small town without any opportunities and no money etc, I hosted them at my place and helped them find a job, etc, for various reasons hosting them at my place destabilized my living situation, and I found a place with them later on, I eventually brought two more people into the living situation and we shared a two bedroom between four people, after the first person moved in with their partner, and after being evicted for having people staying who weren't on the lease, I moved to a new place with some of the people I had living with me, eventually squatting the place for a month after a disagreement with the landlord that we weren't able to resolve.

I've also been in a couple abusive relationships that I wouldn't have been able to leave if I hadn't unexpectedly had some form of good luck often in the form of a short but well paying gig. It's always hard to leave people who are genuinely unhealthy to be around, when at the same time you care about them immensely.

The most recent case of having access to much more money than I've had in the past leads me to wanting to leave the city and travel to the other side of the country to somewhere far away from gentrification as I can get. Although that would unfortunately mean leaving so many people I care about behind (and they've all told me I'm insane for wanting to just leave my whole life behind)