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liquid soap. creams, Antibiotic anti-sepsis. not alcohol bc it can damage the tissue

epi pen and inhaler 4 who have difficult to breathe

splint can helping support 2 the broke bone

gloves like nitrile or vinyl get it with no latex bc latex can do allergies

mouth 1 way valve cpr

heat and ice pack can be done for pain relief

knife scissor and tweezer

tourniquet squeezes to stop a bleeding limb. don't have it on 4 more than 2 hours

flash light when it's dark

bandaid and gauze. there r many get small large and diff shapes. cover wound

compression dressing or trauma pad clot the blood

medical tape helpful 2 reinforce the gauze or dressing

drugs this's drugs like aspirin. ibuprofen the nsaid. insulin or glucose gel for blood sugar. antacid

lighter when u need fire like in hiking backpacking



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moonlune wrote


needle (to go digging for splinters)

tic remover, venom remover depending on your local wildlife.

booklet with local emergency numbers: poison control, doctors, fire brigade, etcs.



moonlune wrote (edited )

period pads & stuff

easy access to water to go with the soap (1+liter), clean cloth or equivalent to dust off dirt from wounds

tissues, paper towels

survival blanket

a bunch of hats/caps (for the sun, again, maybe not in the nursing bag itself, but near)

imodium is pretty useful if you're out hiking (or outside in general)

a bag of sweets if ur dealing with children (sometimes works better than morphine lol)

if you're outside for more than a few days, a sick tent + camp bed is ideal (if someone has a simple sickness like stomach bugs and needs to isolate) if you can afford a nursing trunk lol

sunburn cream for when u have sunburns (Yes, I'm white af and turn pink if it's not grey/raining when I go outside)

tiger balm (for muscles/body aches in general, but has many more uses)

arnica cream (or equivalent) (for bruises)

"blister plasters" if ur hiking


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I would say not including alcohol bc it slows healing if used on open wounds is a poor decision due to the many uses of alcohol.

Edit: I actually don't know if my comment about the soap is correct bc it's liquid soap which inherently is soap mixed with water


kinshavo wrote

(...)two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.


kinshavo wrote

I heard in USA you can buy narcan shots(naxolone).

It's a good item to have in a nursing bag or a everyday carry bag.

My nursing bag have gauze, tape and bandages. Usually I have hydrogen peroxide (it's good to mouth cleaning).

Some parcetamol, ibuprofen, bubbling aspirin and CBD oil


granite wrote

1oz high grade cannabis 100 LSD doses blotter 1 glass pipe 5 bic lighters 1 liter Whiskey 10 grams etizolam 10 grams flubromazolam 1 liter distilled water 20oz 90 proof rubbing alcohol pippette .5mL>5mL x1 .000 precision jewerly scale (specifically ones that can read as low as .001mg) 1 roll paper towel.

Every now and then I hit the ketamine when I know I can get a lot more which I usually though. God forbid the day the world goes to shit and I am only stuck with 1 gram or less of ketamine. Fuck the rest of the bag.


moonlune wrote

"why heal a gash when u can just forget about it" 😎


granite wrote

I mean, I got distilled water and rubbing alcohol. The tiz and flubro can be to ease the tension and help sleep and remain still. The weed and whiskey kill the pain also. Paper towels to clean up. How big a gash we talking about? Like a junky just got you for the last of your run kinda gash? or just got stabbed in the back by your girl for the last of your stash with a tiny swiss army key chain knife? My baggie is more for like end of the world scenario. I mean what more do you need in your Nursing bag then?