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naocat wrote (edited )

Love of the word is love of the source. It's about understanding the true structures of our world that the word describes. Its meaning is everywhere. Personally, I think the true nature of these structures is love and empathy. Love builds up; our belief that others have feelings just as valid as our own is how we decide what's 'real'. It is true that words are mere derivations, but they exist to illuminate the path back to the mystery and harmony.

Edit: word doesn't have to be grammar. can be any 'thing' as individuated from its surroundings. a unit of syntax: like a note in a song, a color in a painting, or a comma in a sentence. logos to gnosis.

For actually answering OP- perhaps the non-archical border would be the border that is self-conceived, but what that exactly is is not something I could describe. A border denotes difference, but I'm not sure any difference is self-conceived so much as derived from a broader whole. Maybe Taiji or Sophia?