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Shittles wrote

Damn kids, get off my corner.

Don't worry about quitting your job, it'll get around to quitting you in good time.

Keep feeling stupid. Especially when you're driving to the bank with that paycheck.

You don't "make friends" out here on the streets (where I have been surviving for 5 years). You just meet fellow travelers who are just as desperate and miserable as you. Some few of them may become friends. Some others may steal anything of yours they can grab, and some few of those may be willing to cut you deep and wide to do it. Do you really feel up to guessing which are which, on the fly? From what I'm reading here most of you wouldn't last a month. A lot of us have some kind of shitty little job, temp work or junk gathering or grunt labor, or just sucking cocks. The luckiest of us (I'm one) have a vehicle to sleep in, and it's not as fun as you think when everything that comprises what is left of your life depends on the health of a motor vehicle.

I'm starting my 4th straight winter in the northeast US living in a car alone in a city packed full of people just as desperate as I am.. If you have a roof over your head and think our lives are something you want to make a "choice" to emulate, you're an idiot.

Enjoy that roof and warm bed and hot shower while you can hold on to it; many of you reading this will someday find yourself on a camping trip that never ends. We'd give anything to have what you're talking so lightly about throwing away.


alqm OP wrote

That is a something I must think carefully indeed. I'm complaining about the lack of time to study coding and the constant depressed mood. Having a job slows me down. But then I don't know how it would be if I took such drastic step. Thanks.


Shittles wrote

Keep the job and learn to organize and optimize your time. If you think what you're doing now sucks all your time, wait till you're spending hours a day just trying to survive. You're blazing hot, you're cold, you're hungry, you're wet, your clothes and body are filthy, you're hungry, Junkies are all over your shit like skeeters, idling semis and gangbangers keep you up all night, cops are hounding you, hookers on the kibbee are waking you up wanting to turn a trick, you haven't had a good nights sleep in months, you're hanging out in Drunken Donuts just for an electrical outlet and wifi but there's crazy loud people in and out all night...

I was in the same boat as you in some ways, then got laid off, had two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass, now I'm about to hit 60 and no one will hire me on a bet despite my past good works. Just keep your job, buckle down for a few years, self-study like a motherfucker, maybe join some open source projects so you can learn to make a difference on a team, then a year or three from now make a serious turn towards finding a better job. Ok? Ready, Steady, Go! And when you have started to make a few good bucks, remember me and and write back that you need a yardman/cook/editor/life coach/guitar teacher, and I'll show up, teach you to drink bourbon and beer, and seduce your grandma.


alqm OP wrote (edited )

Haha, thanks! I think this is what I'm gonna do. You must be really good company (: