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mabuhayangrebolusyon wrote

What do you think of existing revolutionary movements. I do not care what you think of what happened in the past. Tell me what you think of the work done by Maoists in the philippines. Simple question.


Defasher OP wrote (edited )

Idk enough about them to answer. Are they trying to seize the state and install themselves as rulers, creating a repeat of the USSR? What are their goals?

Usually the revolution is fought by genuine communists and then they're all killed by bourgie opportunists like Lenin who use the revolution to give themselves power.


mabuhayangrebolusyon wrote (edited )

Here we go :)

They want to end imperialist rule over the Philippines, they want to overthrow and put an end to semi-feudal semi-colonial rule, they want to build the people's revolutionary army, people's self defense, to implement agrarian reform, to ensure sustainability, to put an end to deforestation, pollution, etc - to ensure self-determination for oppressed nations, to advance the revolutionary emancipation of women, LGBT folks, etc etc, to build schools, hospitals, to end homelessness, you know, that sort of stuff :)

The documentaries i linked at the end of my second post show it best, lol. Let me link them again ( you will need to enable subtitles for Buhay Komunista, the first link )

If you do not want to watch documentaries, it is also outlined here and you can ask people on that subreddit, many of whom are involved in the movement on the ground, what they do, what they are fighting for, etc. I assure you none of them are interested in murdering anarchists or teaming up with fascists.

Also if you look here there is a lot of news articles from the party and organizations associated with it, and on the actions carried out by the party, by the NPA (New Peoples Army), the NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines), and by mass organizations (feminist orgs, workers orgs, farmers orgs, student orgs, christians for national liberation orgs, etc etc )

Also of special note is that most if not all genuine modern communist movements, the leader isn't really in any prominent position in the media or has any real special authority, and they change often and in the philippines in particular here there's no personality cults, as far as i know. Nor india or turkey. The party there in the philippines has split and reconstituted itself multiple times over issues of opportunism and counter-revolution - which certainly shows it is messy, yes, as is class struggle and as is life, but shows genuine commitment to revolution also that it has not degenerated into a counter-revolutionary party


Defasher OP wrote

Well that all sounds great. No rulers so no probs.