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mabuhayangrebolusyon wrote

this does not even necessarily exist in maoist oriented mass organizations such as those run by peasants in revolutionary communist movements today - the organisations themselves are autonomous except for being under the political leadership of the communist party - which itself must keep itself and be kept at the level, guidance, oversight, i.e proletarian outlook of the broad masses

certainly a certain amount of hierarchy exists, but ultimately to be entirely against hierarchy is nothing more than petit-bourgeois individualism and wastes more time than it saves, and will not result in better decisions 9/10 times. This shit is time-sensitive and what we do is proven to work efficiently and is being improved upon constantly.

Of note here is the mass-line and cultural revolution and the overall focus of Maoism on the masses - we have learned from the commandist style of the past and attempted to rectify this.


Defasher OP wrote

If there are no rulers in your ideology then idk what you're defending exactly.


mabuhayangrebolusyon wrote

defending society from the capitalists who would seek to reassert themselves, is what. they still exist and will not vanish of their own accord.


Defasher OP wrote (edited )

You don't need rulers to organise militias to kill capitalist counterrevs. Anarchists don't oppose organisations, we just arrange them so that no one is all powerful.