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LostYonder wrote

Inherent in the western liberal idea is the christian construction of man as inherently a sinner, evil by nature who needs to be ruled over, guided, disciplined, and taught how to be good. They, by the very assumptions they have about humanity, require governance.

This is why anarchy is such a threat to them, as they see it as unleashing man's inherent evilness, thus such books/films as "lord of the flies" depict anarchy in a particular way - it is the liberal's worst nightmare. The liberal construction of anarchy is their justification for the need for "good" governance. Thus there is no basis of discussing with a liberal the merits of anarchy, it is beyond their comprehension as they are trapped within a tightly wound up tautological epistemology, trapped forever in their own circular reasoning...


boringskip wrote

The Satanic Temple, of which I am a member, is great at this.