Submitted by comrade_kim in AskRaddle

Comrades, a meme with a message about "building a bright socialist future" was removed, but it isn't against the site or the forum rules, as far as I know.

f/memer is the biggest ad-free collection of radical left memes on the Internet.

My meme was radical left and ad-free, why was it removed?

Also, why almost everything I say get downvoted? Comrades, we should stand together against capitalism and respect our ideas.



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Styx wrote

Guess we are not really the type of 'comrades' you are looking for.


veuzi wrote (edited )

Look around you. What do you see on this website? Does this look a flourishing marketplace with a demand for Juche ideology to you?


Fool wrote

I'll buy 10 Juche, but they better be good.


veuzi wrote

Ask comrade_kim, maybe they'll sell you some for free.

But my point here is: raddle is just about the worst place to go if you want to be full-on Juche Gang. Maybe comrade_kim could find a better audience at r/GenZedong, or if reddit is not to their taste, or


__0 wrote (edited )

I mean what if they removed your meme because it sucked, is that a possibility?


ziq wrote

Just saw it in the trash. It wasn't even a meme, just a photo of a dictator