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Ennui wrote

Probably a poor idea considering the recent allegations of sexual assault.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

Why would that be a poor idea? Refusing to talk to anyone who has been accused of SA is silly at best, being fair it's just be action to pretend you're helping people who have been victimized by SA and at worst is weaponising victims of SA to use as tools of a Redditors brigade and cyberbulling campaign.

Edit: not trying to say OP is being a shit head. They seem to have good intentions tho I disagree with execution


fortifiedmischief wrote

i agree -- I thought we were past the point of not being able to have conversations about sexual assault with people who have been accused of it. let alone conversations about anything else. let alone.... conversations..... at all.


fortifiedmischief wrote

not interested in twitter bullshit, not interested in defending or accusing doreen, definitely not interested in anything that smells like cancel culture. I'm down to talk about rape culture and the corruptible nature of intimate relationships, but not about to get wrapped up in this doreen stuff.


Fool wrote (edited )

I don't think an AMA would be a great idea, at least not for a long time.

Reaching out to say that we can provide a place of support is a nice idea, if and when they choose to return to the internet.

They're in the maw of Leviathan, give them time to come to terms with their new place as sacrifice to the gods of civilization, if they need it.


ziq admin wrote

If that scumbag rapist comes here, I ban


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Good to know. U almost have good judgment for thes kinda things so I am no problems.