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zod wrote

Earthlings (2005) uses hidden cameras to bring to you shocking footage of what goes on behind the closed walls of the meat industry.


goof_goat wrote

the one percent (2006) shot by a member of the johnson & johnson family about inherited wealth.

the spirit of 45 - ken loach documentary about labor's policies implemented under attlee

Iran A Cinematographic Revolution - a history of a iranian film

cameraperson - a professional cameraperson reflects on her lifetime of footage


J7383 wrote

The Untold History of the United States


TheNewKing wrote

If you think you have NOTHING TO HIDE, this may be worth watching. I think the surveillance state is very worrying and also complex. It's a combination of government agencies and corporations tracking you and trading/selling information around. It's not limited to just one country and it's especially worrying if you're an activist, but I think it concerns everyone.


Daddybatko wrote

Hypernormalisation was a good one though not exactly that eye-opening. everyone knows this shit goes on.


mcv137 wrote

  • Let the Fire Burn
  • The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
  • The Brainwashing of My Dad
  • Alive Inside
  • Anything by Errol Morris

dele_ted wrote

I just finished watching this one about five minutes ago, and i have to say it is one of the most powerful documentaries on anarchism. Really lit a flame in me, thanks for sharing.


tacticalturtleneck wrote

Food Chain. Underrated documentary about worker exploitation in US agriculture industries.


squirrels wrote

Born Rich is a good complement to one percent, even if it is slow and quietly infuriating. While the director could easily be said to be a hypocrite, I appreciate that he's turned the lens inward and provided an inside view into their lives.


dele_ted wrote

Fuck yes i am, that documentary really felt like an eye-opener. Seems like a society without leaders and hierarchy is after all not some silly daydream.


Thanks wrote

Yes, it's really painful to watch this violent absurdity unfold. It also reached the point where I could no longer fathom what was happening, where the sheer craziness of the situation made me laugh out loud because I had no other way to process it.


MoeShinola1 wrote (edited )

Ancient Aliens Debunked, by Chris White. His explanation of Baalbek took all the mystery out of it, in a good way.