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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

Bringing strangers together in an enclosed space on its own is probably an issue given how infectious especially omicron is. I assume this event is not happening outside? Is there any way to do this in an open-air space? I don't know what the temperature is like where you are.

I think it is fair to ask the volunteers to mask up, and even to ask visitors to mask up while they are not eating. But I don't think I could know enough about the situation to say whether you should tell volunteers or others not to come if they don't wear a mask.


gone_to_croatan OP wrote

Thanks for the insights :)

We are doing It open air by night, temperatures going down as 4°C.

Maybe I was bothered by my own lack of understanding of the issue, bc I already knew that taking care was the only possible thing to do, the saviour complex hinted by friend gave me something to think.

The ambient is loosely anarchist, and some of the people are antivaxx so the group dynamics made me confused