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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I think it depends on what u are doing but requiring people to do a certain amount of covid procedure is the most self serving thing to do.

This situation is or is close to a zero sum game. You either have covid precautions or you don't. If you implement the covid precautions you loose people who don't want to do them. If you don't do covid precautions you will loose those who don't want to engage in such a thing. Also if an at risk person relies on the service they prob won't be happy that you are putting the in a situation where they have to risk their life to get help.

So I say self serving in this regard as it is more effective to keep the people who are willing to take precautions to harm disabled people less and getting rid o those who don't. So by not having covid precautions you will loose people who are more useful for mutual aid and anarchist activities than those u kept.

If say to try and keep the best of both worlds. Say you have to wear a mask and mostly social distance or whatever you plan is. Then add a different option for those who don't. You only meet with them outside or do dead drops for giving the stuff or whatever.

I guess I see it as you are at a crossroads where you either loose people with better disability politics or people with worse disability politics. Choosing to be people with better disability politics will be associating with people who are more likely to cause less problems in regard to ableism.

Also if I had boundaries with how much risk I was willing to put people with a mutual aid program and someone didn't like my boundaries so they have me an ultimatum to try and change my boundary I wouldn't consider changing it. Tho I don't think it sound like that is the case for you.

Edit: this isn't a zero sum game but I simplified the issue to one so it's way easier to get my point across


Kinshavo OP wrote

I get want you said about the 0-sum game, and like I said to bloodrose don't make sense some people taking care and others don't.

Like we choose to act by consensus or whatever, the covid measures where agreed upon discussion, but I played devil's advocate there bc the solely moralistic argument about it made me doubt for a sec. I don't understand enough about Ableism and it's relationship with politics to build a better argument.

I am not worried about volunteers splitting in 2 factions tho, but some of the elderly we attend are very antivaxx.