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[deleted] wrote (edited )


styrofoam wrote

I already know chickpeas and lentils are disgusting so the bugs sound way more appetizing.


Defasher wrote

If there were no plants to eat for some reason, I'd eat insects, sure.


tnstaec wrote

This. Or more precisely, if I couldn't get enough calories and protein from available plant sources, IE: a famine situation.


000 wrote

Eating insects does not protect the environment. They’re an integral part of our ecosystem. Hell, if predictions are correct, the current slide towards the extinction of bees alone will be devastating.

You don’t need to filter your nutrients through an animal. Go straight to the source and bypass the middleman. Being vegan is easy, it’s the transformation that’s tricky.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I eat neither. But assuming I ate meat:

It seems that in many cases, like mopane worms, the repulsion towards eating them in some people is only cultural.

So I'm guessing it'd depend on the taste of the bug!


zorblax wrote

I'd be willing to eat insects even if it didn't "protect" the environment.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Me too. It's more efficient that most forms of farming and when numbers are crunched, you get more protein from eating bugs than you would from meat from many other livestock. They also don't require the amount of land livestock demands.

Plus, from what I've heard, they don't taste too appreciably different from a lot of things we eat. It's just there's long been a societal stigma against eating bugs.


Daddybatko wrote

I would just go vegan. tried it before and it's easy to do. so why not just say "fuck it" to meat in general.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

Yes, definitely. I've eaten crickets and they are pretty good. And I've had these granola bar thingies made partially with ground up crickets -- also very good.


sudo wrote

Insects aren't made of meat?