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PoisonDartFrog wrote

How most people are okay with the microsoft/google/facebook/twitter/reddit machine completely taking over the internet and using it for nefarious purposes.


alqm wrote

Advertising, happy people advertising stupid products, business people, sensationalism, advertising. Oh, did I forget advertising?


GrimWillow wrote

When people...

  • ...complain that the system has become corrupt, when its original intentions have always been a corruption of organizing together.

  • ...refer to a violently sustained occupation/hostage situation as "peaceful".

  • ...suggest that we need to "fight police corruption" when the police are meant to be the security guards keeping the prison together by violently protecting property and the corruption is the existance of their organization.

  • ...are mad at the new graffiti that showed up on wall, when you can also see billboards all over. So someone from the area put their name on the wall, and some international corporation put up 100 big glossy signs around the block to specifically make your daughter to feel insecure about her body, and the problem is the graffiti??

  • ...don't believe that we live in a white supremecist/patriarchal society. Who needs a memory hole for history, when people don't even give a shit?

  • ...sit through ads playing on TV/Youtube/radio and insist that it doesn't affect them despite the massive amounts of studies and the testament of popular investments that inform otherwise.

  • ...don't want to "hear or talk about politics" when everything is political.

  • ...hate on others for "taking advantage of the system" when recieving welfare, when the real leeches are lazy sociopathic assholes at the top that they claim respect for.

  • ...think that a left wing, or even centrist, candidate for US presidency even exists; or that voting for which slave manager is the best one to work for the slave master is a more liberating option than taking down the slave master.

I can just keep going really...this question has endless streams attached to it...


tnstaec wrote

People who operate on me-first mode 24/7


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

Magical/dismissive thinking coupled with high horse morality. Too many people hear about the plights of others and judge them for their circumstances, but are noticeably quiet when asked for solutions.


ziq wrote



blackrev wrote

Fash who make money selling their shitty books


_jon wrote (edited )

People who talk shit about genderism, antifa and communism without knowing anything about it. Also happy people.


Enkara wrote

Overly-intellectual anarchists who use their especially pretentious and vague vocabulary when discussing politics, economics, anarchism, tactics, etc.

Like can you fucks get any more marginal?


Daddybatko wrote

it really does nothing to promote anarchism when we're using words and phrases outdated since 1940 either. the way we talk needs to change.


ladyanarchist wrote

Men who hit on women in public. Capitalists and people who love them. Bosses. Systems that have a pointless hierarchical structure. Ridiculous displays of wealth. Cruises and all-inclusive resorts.


jadedctrl wrote

People who are quick to anger, people who hold grudges.


LostYonder wrote

Quick tempers, particularly road rage

Overly aggressive drivers

Know-it-all liberals

Most men being men

People cracking their knuckles in public


DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

Human beings.

"Hell is other people" couldn't be any truer.


zorblax wrote

Ultra-leftists. I think they literally can't perceive good.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'd be interested in an elaboration on what you're talking about here.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

People who can't lighten up. They are worked up about everything and can't seem to find a way to just chill out.


Shittles wrote

Women that can't learn to put the toilet seat up when they are done.


Jehovahs Witnesses. One told me a few years back in complete sincerity that Barack Obama was shining laser beams into every ones windows that penetrate your brain and control your thoughts. She drives a large late model pickup truck. Think about that the next time you're out driving around.

Fake Harleys from the pacific rim.


Organized Religion.

People who dislike Charles Bukowski

Completely off topic, but I'm gonna pop if I don't say it to somebody. I read about a guy who was so crazy and annoying that the Jehovahs Witnesses kicked him out. I wanna meet this guy.