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J7383 wrote (edited )

Is 'fool' okay? What about 'bastard'?

'Cracker' always gets people hot and bothered.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Cracker was a funny one to me, when I was learning english I was taught that cracker was a type of cookie, sort of like a biscuit. So when I heard (on tv) someone being called a cracker, I was confused how someone could be offended by being called cookie. It was not until a few months back that I found what it means, it makes more sense now.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

I know smart people who think 'bastard' is not ok, and so it's probably very worthwhile to see what people have written about it, given how much we like to say ACAB around here.

Cracker is a great word, I think, and 'fool's probably fine just so long as it isn't used in ableist contexts? It's kinda the same as clown and implies an intentionality rather than a state of being.


J7383 wrote (edited )

Someone tried to get me banned from an anarchist forum for calling them 'cracker', lol.

It's a good litmus test to see if you're dealing with a...


BlindAnarchy wrote (edited )

Bastard I believe began as a word used to describe a child born out of wedlock. I believe there have been a few other uses of the word, but I’m personally not aware of it.


MC_Cookies wrote

It's also used to denote something as unpleasant or as corrupted from its origin (though the latter is often changed to "bastardized").

Nowadays it doesn't usually have the connotations of a derogatory term for children born out of wedlock, but I'm not sure about that.