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crzb wrote

By releasing proprietary software and supporting other propriety software.


GrimWillow wrote

I think most of it is happening as patent trolling. I've heard of people starting projects only to be bought out or commanded to stop. Otherwise, I think it takes place when companies change hardware without informing FLOSS developers, so then they have to play catch up while the market and consumer attention shifts. Also, when corporations refuse to support open filetypes and even create negative responses when interacting with open source software.

I'll come back later with more, but here's a few articles I found right now:


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I wouldn't say that software companies actively fight against Free Software, they just don't fight for it, or really acknowledge it.
They just release their proprietary bullocks and move on. Sometimes they'll dip their toes in the open-source pool.
Some things companies do (I.E. proprietary drivers, DRM, etc. etc.) isn't intended to hurt Free Software, even though it does.