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What do you think about males wearing chokers or generally speaking more girly clothes? I'm a male and I go out too with girly clothes or chokers and I noticed that Everyone looks at me badly or with a strange expression.



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monday wrote

You tasted society Queerphobia


Yatothagod OP wrote

I really wish I could say that you're wrong but sadly you answered in a really indisputable way


halfway_prince wrote

Do whatever you want sweaty! Genderbending is still radical in my mind.

Also I think anyone who wears a choker is hotttt


snack wrote

anyone who wears a choker is hotttt



OdiousOutlaw wrote

Other people care far more about clothes than I do.

I stim, daydream, and exhibit behavior that is often considered "abnormal", so I'm in no position and have no desire to uphold social mores.

At most, I'd give a second glance, because of how rigid and widespread gender conforming behavior is; it's pretty rare for me to see someone that doesn't conform to it.

Usually, I'm far too obsessed with how well I'm masking in public to even pay attention to how "normal" everyone else is.


rot wrote

I think i'd look good in one