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mofongo wrote

Most people are in agreement in lots of things, so the only point of contention is the banal.


Gwen_Isilith OP wrote

Perhaps others have different values but I hardly agree with my self from yesterday, if there truly is such a homogeneous position here I would be curious as to why or how? Has everyone already answered all of the problems and questions of one's life? Because I feel like I've learned a lot and am still only getting started.


mofongo wrote

Not necessarily homogenous but the most divisive positions in other sites are a given here. You won't find people defending states, police, military, x or y religion, etc. Which usually are the drivers of many conversations elsewhere.

What I'm trying to say is that most high level topics hardly get much traction. It's the specialized topics that usually get traction (and tankies), but the expertise required to participate also doesn't always allow everyone to be able to. Yet they're fun to read.

Anyways, you could check the most commented and most active threads to see what has driven discussion before.