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inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

I've practiced Zazen for about 14 years at this point. These days I rarely sit and mediate and prefer mindful walking or just breathing and listening to the tree's swaying.

I am also a big fan of the death posture mediation and use lots of breathing exercises now for keeping some control over my response to emotions.


existential1 OP wrote

I regularly meditate. Sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, and sometimes walking.

Sometimes I'll do point meditation, where you try to keep your attention focused on one spot (sometimes in your body, sometimes around you physically, sometimes a place in your mind).

Other times I'll do wandering meditation, where I'll allow my attention to go wherever it wants and just follow it along without judgement.

Lastly, sometimes I'll do what I call "rabbit hole" meditation, where i follow a single idea or notion as far as i can without deviating from my trail.

All in all, I enjoy it.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Sitting without thinking + deep chest breathing + strong down. Sometimes I add asmr which makes meditation feel way better.


CameronNemo wrote (edited )

Not recently. My mind is sort of haphazard at the moment. Been dealing with notable brain fog. I am quite uncomfortable.

In the past, I practiced this meditation method where you focus on your environment. You allow all of your senses to affect you equally. You feel the air and clothes on your skin, the sounds of wherever you are, the smells, the visual elements. You can also add a food or beverage. What really helped to keep me aware of all my senses was limiting the stimulus. If there were a disruptive sound, for example, I would try to let it fade into the background or otherwise move to a different area. I found this helpful for my attention and focus.

Another method I practiced was allowing thoughts to come to you, and then allow them to fade, without fixating on a single one. This method really helped me maintain equanimity in the face of external stressors and anxieties.

Also I don't know if this is meditation, but I have done breath exercises in the past. I breathe in slowly and deeply, hold at peak volume for 3-5 seconds, then release slowly. Supposedly, this can expand the volume and efficiency of your lungs. Specifically, the holding at peak volume can push/pop open the deep forks and crevices in your lungs, promoting growth.


zephyr wrote

zazen with my mind focused in my hara.


rot wrote

started vipasana and stopped, then started again and stopped. I like it but it's hard to keep a routine