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moonlune wrote

Second vote for russia here. They DGAF about torrenting and hacking other countries.

Plus with the global warming, you can buy a frozen plot of land and have it thraw just in time for societal collapse and grow veggies on it :)


Kinshavo OP wrote

The Northern latitudes seems to be fine regarding civilization and collapse. But I wouldn't trust Russian police, they appear to be very brutal with activists.

Maybe I want an undiscovered Sealand (or any other micronation posing as a freedom space)


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Hums... I heard the magnetic pole's been moving into Russia lately, which means (and that's what happened too) super-cold, longer winters. Canada on the other hand has been having some fairly moderate winters the past few years. But it's a police state with the US layer-caked underneath, so not a really good solution unless you go outside of cell phone towers' coverage. The military's rather thin compared to the US military, but the police is very present, and they often act as "everyman's helper" in remote areas, so they can be hard to counter...

I think some South American countries like Colombia, Uruguay or Chile could be a way to go, but Vietnam is also interesting, as I heard it's a pretty messy place where the laws aren't usually being enforced by the government, and also a beautiful country with good food.


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

Also heard about Vietnam and Thailand being hacktivist havens. Can't vouch myself, only rumors


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Thailand, being a monarchy, has a more repressive militaristic regime. Look at the recent events over there. There's also a response through social revolts tho. So it might be interesting.

But Covid travel restrictions, right?