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NEOalquimista wrote

In such a weird reality, I believe (how could I know) there would be more rebels like us and we would crush the government in less than 24 hours. The status quo is what reinforces the approval for the government. Suddenly breaking it like that could be a fatal error for them.


theblackcat wrote

Burn down the government and every corporate space I can find.


[deleted] wrote


elyersio OP wrote (edited )

How are you disabled? I know a few people who are disabled


zod wrote (edited )

I have no guns and fascists will form militias to kill people like me, so I'd hide until it's over.


Mance wrote

i would defend the weak, elderly and old against the purge.


Enkara wrote

Senseless recreational killing ofc


styrofoam wrote

Hunker down, maybe try and form some kind of neighborhood watch or militia to keep people safe.


zorblax wrote

Round up my comrades and overthrow the government.

Of course, the way it's presented in the movies is just stupid. There's still laws, i.e. you can't just do whatever you want to the government, they just encourage people to kill each other.

Ngl the Rick & Morty episode on this is a pretty good rundown.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Have to say, the most disappointing part of that franchise is how there's a night where all crime is legal, yet everyone immediately goes straight to murder. It just seems so uncreative.


zer0crash wrote

I would keep a list throughout the year lol