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Abstracting from the recent meta post, how us as anarchists would deal with "justice"? How to build a healthy and safe space where our relationships can develop outside any authoritarian, moralistic, shame/guilty driven ethics?

Ostracize is just permanent until the person is back, and then how we would react? After 1 year, 10 years or 30 years? Time makes a difference? Or we expect the person to walk around out there like the eternal wandering pharisee? There is time to Restore and there is time to Transform.

Sorry for the bad timing of the post



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tubers wrote

I treated my ex pretty badly. Should I expect her to forgive me and welcome me back into her life? Should I make any attempt to contact her? Or should I do my best to keep myself out of her way, hoping that the space between us will help her heal?

The world is a large place. Much larger than any one human. I don't think we need to share our space with those that have hurt us.


kinshavo OP wrote

Fair point. Navigating through accountability and amendments is not easy.

I see sometimes people proposing the offender answering face to face to the victim, apologizing as part of the process but this is unreal if we take into consideration the "crimes" and abuses that can happen. I agree that the focus should be on healing and full support of the victims and the other affected parts, giving space and safe environment that can protect against the other.

And ostracize can be a good ethical move, but some people will only settle with revenge. How is the best approach we can have? I like when bolo'bolo brings yaka, like a sanctioned and honorable consensual duel as a mean to solve "disputes", but this fall short with most of our intimate relationships.


mofongo wrote

They're not permanent, anyone can appeal their ban.


kinshavo OP wrote

Thanks for clarifying. And sorry for pushing for an indirect answer.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

There's this close-minded social media mindset that portrays people as either "guilty or innocent", and completely disregards or ignores other people's ability to learn & adapt. So I guess this view is a mere projection of those supporting it... as moralists they can't/won't ever learn anything, or adjust, as this would mean their funnel-shaped worldview is all wrong, I guess.


tubers wrote

There is time to Restore and there is time to Transform.

Lol what is this, Ecclesiastes 3?


kinshavo OP wrote

Lol Sunday School is sanctioned brainwash yo

But, speaking seriously I didn't went to Sunday school, my folks asked me if I wanted to do so and I said no. I knew with only 7years that Catholicism=Authoritarian People. But in the same time I had contact with catholic nuns and they always spoke about solidarity and fraternity, like real socialists, maybe liberation theology or something.

Maybe I exceeded in the provocation of quoting the bible


existential1 wrote

Honestly i dont have the interest or patience to engage in these issues. I'm surprised anyone is on some level.


ILLA_Europe wrote

As leftists, we believe in rehabilitation but not punishment so there are no finals, only a helpful process to make offenders into better civilians. It's every anarchist's sworn duty to help our fellow man become more moral.