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existential1 wrote

Instead of giving a general top 5, I'll give the anarchist-sentiment-amenable top no particular order.

  1. KRS-One
  2. Lupe Fiasco (None of those top 40 tracks, lmao)
  3. Immortal Technique
  4. Del the funky homosapian
  5. Dead Prez (Stic Man if you had to choose one of the two)

monday wrote

Maybe I need to check Lupe, bc your top 5 is pretty much what I heard already


existential1 wrote (edited )

Dude literally put a track called "American Terrorist" on his "debut" album "Food and Liquor".

Because some of his shit has mass appeal, he gets away with some shit nobody else even tries. He has a track called "Dumb it Down" on his 2nd album that addresses that.

I love his whole catalogue, but i am partial to his mixtapes before he signed and his first two albums cuz that's when I first heard him. My fav track of his, perhaps of any rap song, is "The Coolest" from his 2nd album. You might be able to find a vid of him performing it a cappella...dope stuff.

The song requires first listening to a track from the first album called "The Cool" and understanding that Lupe's 2nd album uses a concept with a cast of characters who all make an appearance in the song "The Coolest". There's Michael Young History (AKA - My Cool Young History), a zombie hustler...there's "The Streets", a personification of all the things hustlers dream of accumulating...and there's "The Game", a simultaneous personification of the rulemakers and the rules themselves.

Again...dope shit. Nobody else even comes close to building shit like this. My man was world-building in multiple albums.