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has anyone found anything about astrology helpful or interesting? are there any guides/interpretations you have found more worthwhile than the countless super goofy cookie-cutter sites out there?



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Nothing helpful or interesting, I think it's overall bad for us.


_caspar_ OP wrote

could you explain a bit why you think its bad? it definitely seems to attract alot of cringeworthy language, terrible aesthetics, and new age garbage, but maybe thats just my surface impression and why I was always allergic to it.


inthedustofthisplanet wrote

You didn't ask me, but I think my biggest issue with mainstream astrology and to a greater degree mainstream "spirituality" is the strong desire for duality; especially in regard to the idea of "feminine" and "masculine" """energies"" as it is usually incredibly transphobic/misogynistic.


_caspar_ OP wrote

essentialism generally, and gender essentialism specifically, along with the Manichean dark vs light struggle and its many iterations, also lead me to reject most spiritualist frameworks.

Im still open to the yin yang concept which comes close, but as far as I understand it, its not a duality (either/or) so much as a both/and (dualistic monism maybe?).


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

I agree with you with everything you said (have we entered a feedback loop ¿uwu?) and there is an important distinction to be made between how these different modes of viewing duality contrast with one another.

Typically, the 'dark vs. light (this or that works too),' dichotomy that is found in a lot of western thought is based on conflict. This view takes the differences in things and says that they cannot be the same and "inherently," must be opposed to each other. This opposition could be alienation, over-attachment to rationality and the material world.

Now, with Yin and Yang there is emphasis on non-attachment to the material world, however, there isn't any room for opposition between the material and immaterial because their distinction is not defined in how they conflict or deviate from one another. Their differences are defined by just how much this and that interact with one another, and how deeply linked everything else has to be for everything itself to even mean anything to our puny little brains.


existential1 wrote (edited )

I agree with things being framed in feminine/masculine too much (I know nothing about astrology), but I agree strongly with the idea of duality in a lot of metaphysics and here, I would argue your framing with the last bit as I believe the proper duality for trans would be binary in-general. For example, abstract masc/fem duality into the object "A" and now object "A" is the proper duality to be compared to trans...maybe. I'm not sold cuz maybe it's binary/enby...but you get the idea. Instead of trying to mold one thing into a certain duality, abstract/synthesize to proper scale for comparison.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Magical/religous thinking of the wholly undesirable kind, which predisposes others to other shittier forms of it, combined with identity politics of the most unnecessary baseless kind - a whole bunch of transcendent impositions from abstractions that have nothing to do with reality beyond how much power we let them have over us.


nulloperation wrote

I find that an astrological assertion can often be the opposite of empathy, or pretend-empathy. For example, "You are Taurus so you must be very ambitious," rather than actually trying to understand people. I strongly prefer something like NVC to astrology for understanding and connection with others.


inthedustofthisplanet wrote

The skeptic in me wants to roll my eyes, but the chaos magician in me knows there is power in all symbols, especially one that have been used for centuries to try and make sense of the void.


Kinshavo wrote

As a chaote you have the permission to create your own Astrology and Zodiac


Ashy wrote

I don't really know much about it. not really into spiritual stuff personally.

at the most basic level it's like the time of year ur born influences ur personality yea? makes a little sense, but I wouldn't give it too much merit


Kinshavo wrote

Maybe Carl Jung? I don't think I know any sources that don't go into Occult stuff, if you want to go more scientific maybe semiotics can be a good place to search for references.

And there are two diff systems, the "regular" one and sideral astrology, used by Hindu astrology for example. It's strange bc sideral astrology follows the real movement of the constellations instead of the fixed points. Many skeptic's critiques against regular Astrology only works for sideral Astrology, like including Ophiuchus as the 13th sign and all that crap.


d4rk wrote

Really great as a coping mechanism

But those who actually believe in the overall metanarrative of it should join the other radical determinists in hell.