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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I have two kinds of answers:

  1. Whatever it is it just needs to work for both of us for as long as we want. I'm non-monogamous so I don't need people to tick all my boxes.

  2. Generally I favour people who are anarchists, are affectionate and like to fuck, and are better than me at some things I think are cool.


kinshavo wrote

Nice answer as I would expect, I share both thoughts, the 1st bc it means that I am open for serendipitous encounters and the 2nd bc I want them to share stuff with me in a passionate way and can inspire me too..

And they need to be at least a little Witchy, liking arts and poetry, maybe grows weed and mushroom idk


celebratedrecluse wrote

Mutual interests, willingness to make sacrifices in a committment, willingness to break rules for good reasons


zoom_zip wrote

i could answer but the last time i posted about bdsm it didn’t go down well


lettuceLeafer wrote

Genuinely support my anarchist shenanigans is number 1


Fool wrote


If they don't have bones, it's probably a good idea not to get intimate...

...last time I tried I ended up with welts all over my face...

... But oh what a magnificent kisser...

... Fucking Jellyfish. /s


throwaway wrote (edited )

Genuine care for my well-being, and an ability to master their thoughts and emotions to a healthy degree.

...and I think I may have just found her. I'm being seized, my people.


moonlune wrote

Must be attractive/sexy/pretty.


Ennui wrote

Not conservative, but otherwise no political obligations other than acceptance of my beliefs. Their life plan can't be in the opposite vein as mine. Attraction is an odd one, since it clearly matters, but I'm not a sexual person. Really the biggest thing is that we don't constantly get into fights and are quick to let go of our anger when we do. I hate being angry.


dsfsf4ewtb wrote

I look for people who amplify my creative and emotive capacity.


rot wrote (edited )

trying to date a girl and I like that she shares a lot of my interests and is very easy to talk to about anything even some personal stuff I don't talk about with other friends. So you could say I look for personal connection.