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zer0crash wrote

Here is a critical take away: Fascism will likely never look the same as it did previously. Attempts to use WW2 Fascism as the Litmus test for modern day fascism in an inadequate model. Fascism will invariably mutate, as it primarily uses culture, not politics, as its primary vehicle.


RedAgitator wrote

That's because so far there is not need to enforce a totalitarian rule and fully suppress labor movements and communists. In Italy and Germany they needed that to prevent an impending revolution. Until that day I believe we will have neoliberalism, either with a friendly face or not, paired with an increased global apartheid.


DissidentRage wrote

I think we are seeing that now, not just in the obvious stale memes generated by the right, but also by the fact that they have enough self-awareness to rebrand themselves as a moving target to keep average non-political people from recognizing them for what they are. The whole "you just call everyone you don't like a 'fascist'" mantra is indicative of this. They know they work against the interests of literally everyone and everything else on the planet, and they know the best way to overcome that kind of opposition is to change outward appearances. They know that if they can fool the average person, they can performatively discredit their opposition as unnecessarily suspicious.