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celebratedrecluse wrote

Go to the places where it is possible to sleep outside in the elements without much danger, and where there is some support for the homeless


celebratedrecluse wrote

Try to get a van. If you can't, get bolt cutters and a backpack. You can order them to Amazon locker using a prepaid amazon gift card and a library computer. Then you will need to find a new home. Use Zillow et. al. to find properties for sale. Look for ones vacant for at least a month or two. Case the place, look to see if there are alarms, Alexa camera, or occupants. Try getting in, opening a window, closing it, and running off; wait at a distance and watch to see if police arrive. If this works without much harm, return the next day and set up your new home. Do not turn on lights at night, keep windows boarded up, only enter and leave at night time. You may find, like me, you have adopted a nocturnal lifestyle living this way. It is part of the deal.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

If you are wanting to escape homelessness, and you get comfortable squatting, you can go pro

Find a second property, case it, but don't go inside; instead, clone the key for the mailbox. tutorial available online.

Then, set up subscription in a fake name for various mail to come to the house. Pick up the mail regularly. Set up camera or keep watch, to find out when the mail delivery comes.

get USB stick. 128GB. Put TAILS on it. get laptop. Download monero wallet. Sync blockchain. it helps if you have a friend you can leave the laptop with, who you trust. you can give it to them before you make your wallet, so they won't have access to your keys or password. log in every few days, to keep wallet sync.

Get XMR (Monero). You can buy it with cash, with other cryptocurrencies, so do one or the other depending on what is available.

Make purchase on DNM ( Address to fake name. Order one package at a time. Burn Address after 5 purchase or one month, whichever is first. Follow DNM Bible, you can find it on Dread, which you can find on Use public wifi, always a different place than the last five places you used for this.

Sell the drugs to middle class young adults in the closest city. college is good. university is good. talk to homeless people around you, and find out where to sell. never tell them how you get your thing. Never let on to know things about this.

Rinse, repeat. You may find you accumulate an incredible wealth if you are smart with your funds and are not paying rent. With that money, you can start renting an apartment, and continue using this method to pay for it. Take breaks when you have enough money, pace yourself, and do not order more than one package at a time no matter how much you want to. Also, never order across national boundary-- find vendor which are in your current nation.