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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Imagine having the power to have an unprompted conversation with an acquaintance/stranger without rehearsing what you're going to say in your head and choosing to use it for the diabolical purpose of small talk.

Or somehow ignoring the immense pain required to maintain eye contact and making it a sign of trustworthiness.


rot wrote

we should really stop with the eye contact thing. if you're looking in my general direction I know your talking to me, stop looking into my eyes like we're married


CaptainACAB wrote

It's a cultural thing, to be fair to non-western neurotypicals.

Some cultures avoid eye contact because it comes off as too aggressive and others don't even have small talk as a concept.

The trick for me is focus on one specific part of the face near the eyes and occasionally go back to the eyes in 4 second intervals; sometimes I turn my head in another direction as if I noticed something for a few seconds of respite.


rot wrote

yeah i make brief contact just to meet the societal expectation.