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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

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It's not internalize shame tho it's "look how those damn Jews are oppressing us". I just stated objective fact without opinion it's physically impossible for me to have defended them.

Just bc anti capitalist fascism exists that doesn't mean I like it.


celebratedrecluse wrote

anti capitalist fascism exists

inevitably, all political projects in this mode of production will tend toward neoliberalism in practice, unless it has idealist anti-politics ancillary to it, or something destabilizes the entire framework.

In fact, fascism is driven historically by the channeling of alienation, which of course will have anti-capitalist tinges from time to time. But this is just spectacle until it starts to drive anti-politics to the fore of the alienated's minds. This doesn't usually happen when they are winning politically, although it can certainly confuse things and play to their advantage by eroding other's understanding of what fascism is (a political project of manipulating alienated downwardly mobile people back into hegemony, even if it is a chaotic hegemony)


lettuceLeafer wrote

Sure I agree tho anti capitalist facism is Often the terminology used. I'm not really practical to invent a whole new adjective/way to describe a political group for a one off comment.