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AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

The crux of the matter here is that socio-political organization ain't some sort of ethnic or genetic thing, just like the land property issue. It's some arrangements that people have supported, and are historically redundant.

US southwest native cultures were very much alike early neolithic societies of Mesopotamia and Africa, while it ranged from nomadic tribes -some that were monarchies- and sedentary "republic" like the Haudenosaunee. You had neutral regions where neither group asserted predominance, while some other regions were somewhat more territorialized. Yet even in the latter case, there was no trace of any sort of contractual property on land, or even national borders.

So the population of the precolombian American continent was pretty diverse culturally and politically, and were at different levels of "development". Aztecs had just taken a more imperial tangent, that is directly related to appropriation. How can you have an empire without it?

Fite me on that... But with relevant content, plz.